Metrograph, 1:46pm

Act I – 12:08 pm Like visiting a museum gallery on a weekday morning or a cemetery in the off-season, only those most loyal, most spurred with sudden agitation cut through the garbage-pimpled alleyways, past hungry crowds collecting around cafe doors and impatient dogs waiting outside grocery stories, to surrender their afternoons to the entireContinue reading “Metrograph, 1:46pm”

Folds, Rips, Weaves, Soaked in Ink

From crumpled receipts and printer copies to letters left in mailboxes, paper is a material in a perpetual state of alchemy, becoming vessels for individual and collective communication, maps of memory, transmutable records of histories. For her fifth show at Luhring Augustine, veteran printmaker and sculptor Zarina brings these very material and metaphysical qualities ofContinue reading “Folds, Rips, Weaves, Soaked in Ink”

Tools of Resilience

In her first solo exhibition at Jack Hanley Gallery, Maia Ruth Lee disrupts the stereotypical assumption that each woman will eventually have to decide between a career or a child through an unexpected system of geopolitical talismans. The quasi-readymade design of Lee’s strewn bundles—kaleidoscopic medleys of plastic tarp, burlap, boxes, and neon rope known asContinue reading “Tools of Resilience”

Sneak Peek: Abandoned Disney Projects Zine

Hi everyone! I hope you all are staying warm during this biting month. Over the summer, I began working on a project. Growing up in Florida, I had spent many a childhood at the different Disney theme parks (yes, I still have my Mickey Mouse ears and my princess dresses tucked in the back ofContinue reading “Sneak Peek: Abandoned Disney Projects Zine”

Diseased Hagiography: On Trauma and Twin Peaks

“She said people tried to be good, but they are really sick and rotten–her most of all. And every time she tried to make the world a better place something terrible came up inside her and pulled her back down to hell and took her deeper and deeper into the blackest nightmare. Every time itContinue reading “Diseased Hagiography: On Trauma and Twin Peaks”

Eyes On The Countryside

If you’re not paying attention, you’ll miss it — a glimpse of color between the old-fashion brick arches of the abandoned Gloucester Road Station platform as you’re on your morning commute. If your train slowed down as you passed, you’d be struck by the strange sight outside your window as if, for a moment, youContinue reading “Eyes On The Countryside”