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C Magazine, Issue 152: Extraction – Fall 2022 – “Review: Plastic: An Autobiography by Allison Cobb” (print)

The Long Now Foundation – “Living in Mangrove Time” – August 2022

Public Services Quarterly – “Special Libraries, Special Challenges: Building Community Through Brooklyn Art Library’s Sketchbook Archive” – May 2022

CURSOR, Issue 1: Welcome to CURSOR – “Unaliving The Algorithm” – April 2022

The Liberty Project – November 2021 – “Dr Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, Eco-Anxiety, and Hope During the Climate Crisis”

C Magazine, Issue 149: Community – August 2021 – “Review: George, The Parasite by SF Ho” (print)

Brooklyn Art Library – 2020-2021 – Selected Interviews: “Artwork From Home: Charmaine Watkiss”, “SBP x Pride: Charlie Welch”, “14 Day Portrait Challenge: Rebecca Dixuan Bai”, “Sketchbook Feature: Hunter Preston”, “Artwork From Home: Misja van Laatum”, “Sketchbook Sunday with TOAF & BAL: Rebecca Moss Guyver”, “Artwork From Home: Mattias Adolfsson”, “Artwork From Home: Rob Jelinski”, “Artwork From Home: Kate Castelli”Selected Articles: “BAL x Jalada: Nostalgia”, “Motion Capture”, “Reduced, Reused, Recycled”, “Mapping It Out”

Artforum – March 2019 – Ricardo Brey at Alexander Gray Associates

Barnard MagazineWinter 2018 – “Hand in Hand in Israel: Yaffa Grossberg ’91” (print)

Artforum – September 2018 – Hikaru Fujii at ISCP

Double Exposure – April 2018 – “Digital Discomfort: Revisiting Perfect Blue in the Age of Social Media” (print)

The Barnard Bulletin – December 2016 – “America’s Most Wanted Podcasts” (print)

Interiors Journal  – June 2016 – “Mutations & Megastructure: Japanese Metabolism in Akira (1988)”

Journal of Art Criticism – May 2016 – “A Morbid Platform”

BUST Magazine  – 2016-2017 – Selected Articles: “Meet the Androgynous Lesbian Artist Who Painted Her Lovers During the 20th Century”, “Why Are Sexual Assault Survivors Being Turned Away From Hospitals?”, “Disney, Please Don’t Whitewash ‘Mulan,’ We’re Begging You”, “Why I Won’t Be Watching The ‘Ghost In The Shell’ Remake”, “California Law Now Protects Sex Trafficking Victims”, “Rape Threats, Sexism And Fashion Critique-These Are The Problems Female Presidents Are Still Dealing With”Selected Interviews: “Princess Nokia: ‘I Want Women to Understand That Feminism Is Not a Bad Word'” (printed in Dec/Jan Issue), “Meet Hannah Hill: The Feminist Artist Bringing Activism to Embroidery”, “‘Love Witch’ Director Anna Biller On Witchcraft and Female Empowerment” Selected Reviews: “Princess Nokia’s ‘1992’ Mixtape Is A Hip-Hop Ode To The Grit of Growing Up in New York City”, “Sophie Strauss’s ‘In The Freezer’ Music Video Looks Inside Messy Relationships”, “Rich Girls Keeps It Dreamy With New EP ‘Love Is The Dealer”


The Long Now Foundation – 2022 – “Consequences of Perspective”

Kernel Magazine – 2022 – “Condor Nest Livestream #923” (print)

Caustic Frolic – Spring 2022 – “Extreme Heat Advice” (print)

Modjeska: The Zine – May 2021 – “Integrity” (print)

Unearth Zine – April 2020 – “A Tarot Card Reading For The Anthropocene,” “Metropolis”

Hideous Winter Zine – November 2018 – “The Geode Bookends” (print)

The Sunlight Press for Poetry Week – September 2018 – “Bolina”

Echoes – April 2018 – “Ethylene” (print)

The Mantle – February 2017 – “the diorama” – earned a Best of the Net Nomination

Dream Pop Journal – January 2017 – “superfund site”, “acids and bases (brumation poem)”, “snake poem”

Verdancies Journal – December 2017 – “watching lava along big island coast, Hawaii”

Unlost Journal – December 2017 – “contaminants of concern”

Z Publishing – Best Emerging Poets of New York Anthology – November 2017 – “chew” (print)

Echoes – Fall 2016 – “little, hungry” (print)

Blue and White  – Fall 2016 – “At What Point Does The House Become The Museum?”

The Barnard Bulletin  – “unburnings” (print)


Passerby“paradigm-shifting books of poetry” – featured book recommendation – April 2023

Paroxysm Projects – press release co-author and editor for exhibition at Westbeth Gallery – February 2023

Fast Company – “4 ways to compete for talent if your workforce can’t be remote” – interviewed for story – December 2022

Symbiotic House – contributor for AI-generated speculative architecture project – (print publication forthcoming)

Buzzfeed News – “It Was Supposed To Be A Benign TikTok On ‘Botanical Sexism,’ But Then It Spiraled Into A Huge Social Media Debate” – August 2021

VeryWell Health“You Can Blame Your Allergies on ‘Botanical Sexism,’ TikTokers Say” – August 2021

Noam Youngrak Son’s Graduate Thesis, The Eel-centric Hypothetical Atlas on How Humans Have Sex, Design Academy Eindhoven – editor – July 2021

Center For Book Arts Creative Publishing Seminar Participant – January 2021

Refinery29 – “Should You Ask Your Cute Friend Out? Advice From People Who’ve Been There” – interviewed for story – July 2019

CUE Art Foundation – Formula 1: A Loud, Low Hum – proposal for the creation of an artwork (print) – April 2019

The Oxford Comment – pitched, researched, coordinated episode on the representation of organized crime in cinema – 2018

Ratrock Magazine – featured artist – November 2017

Frederic Whitaker and Eileen Monaghan Whitaker Foundation Art History Scholarship Recipient – Fall 2016